Kamis, 18 Oktober 2012

Isu Bumi akan Gelap Pada Tanggal 23 s/d 25 Desember 2012 Ternyata Hoax / Bohong, Berita Palsu dan Tidak Akan Terjadi

Cek aja di : Hoax - NASA Predicts Total Blackout of Planet in Dec 2012


According to this message, which is making its way around social media websites and also circulates via email, NASA has predicted that the earth will experience a total blackout for a three day time period in December 2012. The message claims that during this period, the universe will be aligned and the earth will shift into the zero dimension before shifting to its new home in the fourth dimension. The message recommends that during the blackout time, people stay calm and pray to prepare themselves for a brand new world. But, warns the message, many people who remain unprepared may die of fear during the blackout.

Not surprisingly the claims in the message are complete and utter nonsense. NASA has made no such prediction. Nor has any other credible scientific organization anywhere else in the world.

In what is apparently an utterly lame attempt to make its outlandish claims seem more believable, the message links to a video featuring NASA administrator Charles F. Bolden, Jr. In the video, Bolden does talk about family preparedness but makes no mention of planetary blackouts, universe alignments or even shifts to the zero dimension. The video can be seen in its original context on the NASA website.

And, for the record, there is no mention of such an impending blackout anywhere on the NASA website. Nor are there any reports about it on any credible news or scientific websites.

Perhaps who ever penned this peice of nonsense to begin with meant it as just a leg pull. A really bad science fiction writer perhaps? And a master of understatement? The messages predicts a catastrophic, utterly world changing event but ends with a casual warning to avoid traveling in December! But whatever its motivation, submissions and comments indicate that the message is nevertheless causing fear and anxiety among at least a few of the more wide-eyed among us.